The National Bug Bounty Platform of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

This Platform is established as a strategic partnership between The National Cyber Security Center of Jordan as the governmental entity responsible of Maturing the Cyber Security Index of Jordan, and Octopian Security as Private Industry Leader. The Bug Bounty and the Vulnerability Operation Center (VOC) Platform will facilitate enlisting the services of qualified National and Global security researchers in an incentive-based programs for cybersecurity penetration testing and vulnerability identification, to better prevent against cyber-attacks.

The main objective of this Platform is to enable governmental as well as private entities to rapidly, continuously, effectively, and efficiently test and identify vulnerabilities in their Digital Platforms and Assets. The Platform is providing the most economical approach to reduce the investment on penetration testing process to discover and identify vulnerabilities and to allow the community to invest more on fixing them.

The Bug Bounty Platform is the right platform which will enable, incentivize and reward the Jordanian Security Researchers to effectively participate in Maturing the National Cyber Security Index and to participate and be rewarded for the globally available penetration testing projects.