This National Platform aims to:

  • Build the National Cybersecurity Defenders Community.
  • Help local expertise to boost the National Digital Economy.

Register your interest, challenge your skills, get your national and international badge, and start getting rewards and help us defend the nation.

Benefits of the Platform for Researchers:

The Platform offers benefits for security researchers who participate in vulnerability research programs. Here are some of the benefits that researchers can get from working with the platform:

1. Access To a Wide Range of Vulnerabilities:
- The Platform offers researchers the opportunity to work on vulnerabilities across a variety of digital assets and technologies. This can help researchers gain a broad range of experience in vulnerability research and testing.
2. Recognition And Rewards:
- Researchers who identify vulnerabilities through the Platform can earn recognition and rewards for their efforts. This can include monetary rewards, bug bounties, and public recognition for their contributions to improving digital security.
3. Professional Development:
- Working with the Platform can help researchers develop new skills and knowledge in vulnerability research and testing. This can be valuable for researchers who want to build a career in cybersecurity.
4. Networking Opportunities:
- Researchers who participate in the Platform programs can connect with other researchers and security professionals, building their professional network and expanding their knowledge base.
5. Contributing To the Greater Good:
- By identifying and reporting vulnerabilities through the Platform, researchers can contribute to the greater good by helping to improve digital security for organizations and individuals.